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INSPIRED REALITY: Augmented Reality App Idea Development

Reality comes in many forms these days: augmented, virtual, mixed, extended… our goal at Inspired Reality is to help you create the reality you envision – your Inspired Reality.

Why AR App Ideas?

Augmented and Virtual worlds impact the tangible world in which we live in a variety of ways.

  • Captivate gamers by publishing a next level entertainment experience
  • Reach your customers with cutting edge interactive marketing campaigns
  • Inform your audience using immersive technologies inside and outside of the classroom
  • Convert leads into ecommerce customers by allowing digital “try before you buy”
  • Improve employee productivity and safety with AR assist overlays and virtual training

The Augmented Reality Market is Exploding

With the breakneck speed of AR adoption, research sources differ on how huge the market will grow in the very near term. Valuates Reports estimates it will be as high as $571 billion in the next 5 years.

The commonality between projections put forth by analysts and informed tech business is the fact that AR/VR is undoubtedly headed toward ubiquitous use. In the same way it’s unimaginable for a business to be successful today without an internet presence (website or social media), in the next few years companies who don’t leverage AR or VR in some way will struggle by comparison to those who adopt the trend.

What inspires you? We’d love to work with you. Let’s breathe life into your idea!

Inspired Reality™ AR/VR Project

Transform Your AR Project Idea into an AR Business

Inspired Reality™ is a AR/VR business idea fueled by team interest in the future of virtual and augmented reality apps.

The Inspired Reality initiative is apart of our App Startup Accelerator™ program which is partnership program established by Intraspire to package the necessary services to convert your idea into a reality. We are driven by the goal of turning as many great ideas into realities as possible.

Best AR App Ideas:

  • Ideas comes from an individual with CEO qualities
  • You’ve put effort into the idea already
  • Compelling app pitches get the team excited
  • Original ideas that stand out
  • Monetization strategy
  • Passion for your idea

Starting Your AR Project

The program starts with a consultation where you meet with an Inspired Reality team member who most enjoyed your pitch.

We’ll brainstorm with you and explain various paths you can take. If both parties are interested in proceeding, you’ll meet other team members. If timing is an issue or either party wants to hold off, you’ll at least get some great advice.

If your timing is right and its a good fit, Inspired Reality may offer subsidized services such as wire framing, app UX design, web design, app prototyping, and crucial business tools like business cards and a branded presentation templates. Everything you need to launch your AR Tech Startup combined into a single package.

AR App Idea Selection Process

A member of our team will choose to champion your idea.

They may want to speak with you first. Then it’ll be brought to a team discussion.

Money is not what keeps us from helping more people. It is simply that we are focused on one or two ideas at a time and bandwidth is limited.

Please be patient if we do not get back to you right away.

Not quite ready for AR? Launch a website instead!

Mobile responsive website can do many of the same things that an app can do. Speed to market cannot be understated when the time is right, and building a website can provide you with an early Proof of Concept.

Get a free consultation to understand if a website is the best option for you!